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Plan a Seminar

We plan our seminars to suit your needs, we travel to you and coach to whatever level you require -  our events are tailored to you!

Seminars require a minimum of 6 attendees , a room with electricity for presentations , tables and chairs and a pool table.

Seminars last 4 - 6 hours depending on requirements.

Written and Practical Exam take approximately 2 hours.

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"IPC offer an excellent value referee training and exam package that ensures only the most knowledgeable candidates will qualify as referees, ultimately improving the player's experience at our tournaments. The days training session is enjoyable and interactive; Viv Roscoe really does have the supreme knowledge of Blackball Rules! We would definitely recommend the IPC for developing and establishing high calibre Blackball referees. For those that think refereeing is easy – think again! It’s a very tough exam with a minimum 85% pass mark and makes you realise the depth of knowledge and experience required to be a qualified referee."


Rob Pearce - organiser of Golden 8 Ball and BAPTO national tournaments

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