​Qualified in both main eightball rulesets Viv has refereed at all levels of the game from league to World Championships.

Viv first qualified in World Rules in July 2011. Starting her career reffing at Yarmouth at EPA Interleague Finals progressing to IPA televised events over the next few years. Viv also reffed 9 ball pool on the prestigious GB9 TOUR and has held the position of Tournament Director for The IPA until February 2015. She continues to referee at all levels as well as play both world rules and blackball rules to league and county standard.


35 years and some as a Referee Mel "Jeeves " Harley has reffed all over the world at all levels. A font of knowledge and experience Mel is Senior Referee on both IPA and GB9 Tours and continues to officiate at high profile events all over the world.


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Senior Referees
S grade referees have lead teams of referees at the highest levels, have extensive experience / cvs, have refereed televised events and or are training officers / mentors as well as continuing to referee at all levels.

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A Grade Referees

Having successfully working as a B grade referee candidates can progress to A grade referee - working at International level regularly and consistently and or with a extensive CV of experience presented at the time of assessment.

On qualification IPC Referees receive 12 months free membership of 

C Grade Referees

Having fiirst passed IPC exams Referees working regularly and consistently at league level, recognised by league are then assessed to progress to C Grade - Must be used regularly for league competition semi finals and finals before assessment. 


D Grade Referees

Sucessfully pass the IPC refeferee exams - written and practical

B Grade Referees

Having successfully working as a C grade referee candidates can progress to B grade referee - working at county  level regularly and consistently and being recognised as Senior Referee in their county structure.